Advance the Targeting of Non-Coding RNAs by Enhancing Target Specificity, Optimizing Formulation & Improving Efficacy for the Accelerated Translation of Safe & Effective Non-Coding RNA Therapeutics into the Clinic

November 8 - 10, 2022 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the Emerging Non-Coding RNA Therapeutics Summit

Leveraging Non-Coding RNAs to Establish the Next Wave of RNA Therapeutics

As the RNA revolution continues off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, large pharma and investors turn their attention to emerging non-coding RNA therapies beyond just mRNA.

Built with world-class biopharmaceutical industry insights, this industry-, therapeutic- and translational-focused meeting will set the scene for non-coding RNAs, such as lncRNAs and microRNAs, for their successful development into the clinic.

Expertise from new and emerging companies in this rapidly growing space will cover the identification, validation and development of nucleic acid targeting approaches of non-coding RNAs in broad range of diseases.

World-Class Speaker Faculty

“RNA therapeutics has significantly expanded the landscape for effective, safe and accessible medicines to treat diseases of high unmet need. The non-coding RNA landscape is now emerging as a next generation target space to fulfil the promise of RNA therapeutics”

- Samir Ounzain, Co-Founder, CEO & Board Director, HAYA Therapeutics

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