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Emerging Non-Coding RNA Therapeutics Summit – What’s It About?

The inaugural Emerging Non-Coding RNA Therapeutics Summit is the only industry-dedicated summit focused on therapeutic and translational opportunities offered by non-coding RNAs, such as lncRNAs and microRNAs, to truly unleash their therapeutic value and bring to market safe and effective therapies.

Join 80+ key industry leaders in discussing drug design and target selectivity, whilst hearing pre-clinical and clinical case studies from those working in oncology and inflammation to identify, validate and develop non-coding RNA targets that are sensitive to antisense and small molecule modulation.

Join Your Peers to:

Explore innovative delivery and therapeutic approaches
Unleash the therapeutic potential
Improve target validation
Advance packaging and targeted delivery
Overcome the translational challenges

Explore innovative delivery and therapeutic approaches to accelerate emerging non-coding RNAs into clinic. Hear from the likes of HAYA Therapeutics, Cardior Pharmaceuticals and Ladder Therapeutics

Unleash the therapeutic potential of lncRNAs and nucleic acid targeting approaches in oncology with research institutes and companies including NextRNA Therapeutics, Johns Hopkins University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Improve target validation by using innovative nucleic acid targeting approaches of non-coding RNA therapeutics across different indications with NextRNA Therapeutics and Lemba Therapeutics

Advance packaging and targeted delivery of lncRNAs and microRNA across different therapeutic indications to mitigate potential off-target effects with Regulus Therapeutics, Cardior Pharmaceuticals and Northeastern University

Overcome the translational challenges of non-coding RNAs by exploring the lessons learned from pre-clinical to clinical development and toxicology with MD Anderson Cancer Center, Flamingo Therapeutics and InteRNA Technologies

Who Will You Meet?

Bringing together key biopharma experts and KOLs of academia, we will discuss how to exploit the mechanism of action of non-coding RNA, identify cell- and tissue-specific approaches and optimize toxicity, formulation and efficacy to accelerate these novel therapeutics into the clinic to address unmet clinical needs.

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What Do Your Peers Say?

“This meeting is an excellent opportunity to share our science in a non-coding RNA focused setting and collaborate with peers to advance the field

-  Dominique Verhelle, CEO, NextRNA Therapeutics

“This meeting provides a great opportunity to share and learn about advances in the field with thought leaders” 

- Robert Macleod, CSO, Flamingo Therapeutics

“This meeting brings together expertise from biotech and academia and unique opportunity to learn from the leaders in the field.”

- Anwar Hossain, Principal Scientist, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“Great initiative to meet peers and colleagues in the focused field of non-coding RNAs”

- Michel Janicot, Chief Development Officer, InteRNA Technologies