Ranjan Perera

Ranjan Perera

Company: John Hopkins University

Job title: Director RNA Center & Associate Professor


The Therapeutic Potential of the LncRNA lnc-HLX-2-7 in Group 3 Medulloblastomas in Children 4:00 pm

Delving into medulloblastoma (MB), an aggressive brain tumor that predominantly affects children Identifying a novel oncogenic lncRNA, lnc-HLX-2-7, as a potential therapeutic target in group 3 MBs Analyzing the importance of the lnc-HLX-2-7-HLX-MYC axis in regulating group 3 MB progression Providing a strong rationale for using lnc-HLX-2-7 as a specific and potent therapeutic target for…Read more

day: Day One

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